NIKE Dunk SB x BAPE “MONKEY ASS" 1993 World Gone Mad

NIKE Dunk SB x BAPE “MONKEY ASS" 1993 World Gone Mad


LIMITED TO 8 PAIRS ONLY $1993 World Gone Mad

Encased in a mixture of the most supple & buttery pastel calf suedes, vege-tan cow, tumbled calf, lamb skins & vintage canvas textiles, we have hand crafted the Nike Dunk SB low “Monkey ASS” sample.

Quilted back window panel to mimic a Baboon’s ass (back side) we have conveyed what we would have designed & sampled if Nigo from Human Made & Nike briefed us in the General Nigo ERA… Bape before Bape ERA…. for those in the know. 

Patterned & scaled off an Original 2002 donor with the classic high density fat & wide tongues that SBs are renowned for, Only 8 pairs of these luscious handmade samples will be available built to order.

Don’t monkey around, grab a pair before all 8 are sold out & never to be made again. May the APE be with you all.

Manually Made by HUMAN in Melbourne

SIZE SELECTION : Please ensure you enter your closest FULL SIZE in US sizing on CHECK OUT (we do not do half sizes)

Individually numbered 1-8 as standard. Personal ID options are available should you want to make these 1 of 1 (depending on artwork extra cost may apply)

LEAD TIME : 8-12 weeks approximately

Terms & Conditions apply (please read before purchase)

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