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BespokeIND use only top tier untreated raw leathers & exotic skins, ethically sourced by our suppliers across the globe. The natural material & its form is therefore subject to variances from hide to hide, skin to skin. Changes in the tone or texture of the leather & signs of wear are normal.
Please consider with caution when wearing non-colorfast garments pants or socks that may have dyes that can transfer onto our footwear. While we handle our product with the up-most care, small dents, scratches or blemishes may be found within the material, and may also come from the irregularities in the animal’s skin (for example veins or scarring of its hide during its life or the tanning process). Irregularities in the consistency of the tone & patina of the leathers, or stitching or paneling of each shoe should not be considered a fault, but inherent of the natural qualities of the super premium materials we use & how every step of the making process is 100% handcrafted by h u m a n.

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Exchanges & Refunds

All our inventory is made to order. All sales are final & are non-refundable. Exchanges or refunds are not applicable under normal circumstance. There are ample steps for our check-out payment process on this website in order to eliminate an accidental purchase. By making payment you have agreed with our terms of sale. Changing your mind, or an associate, family member or friend has purchased on your behalf with your payment details, is not an excuse for a refund or cancellation, regardless of how quickly you have informed us, the sale is final, as we cannot resell our build slots to anyone once our marketing campaign has launched & ended.

Under special circumstances to our discretion & review, we will allow for a partial refund in the form of a cancellation fee of 35% of the total charged amount, and the balance to be refunded to client in full once they agree. This 35% is to cover part of the financial loss of a build slot that we cannot resell or put back into inventory once our product has gone live. Once partial refund has been processed, the build slot will be cancelled & made redundant. This is only on the proviso that we have not purchased materials or commenced your build. If materials have been ordered in & build has commenced already, entitlement of the 35% refund will be redundant.

If the purchase has been fraudulent, please contact your bank & go through the correct process to claim back your monies. Your Paypal or Credit Card details being compromised has nothing to do with BespokeIND. 

Any special payment arrangements made, for example a partial deposit to secure an order, will fall under the same no refund policy. 

Shipping & Insurance

All our international clientele is responsible for their own Customs Fees, should they request to personally alter our retail value of our product on postage form. All postage that is not stated on custom form at full retail value, will be void of any postage insurance if item is lost in transit. Only items that have been lodged at full retail value, will have insurance cover for the full value of the item. All postage must be International Priority Express at cost to client. 

It is the client's responsibility to provide the correct postal address in full on check-out, & double check themselves it has been entered correctly.  If there is any changes to be made to contact & postage details, it must be clearly emailed to us prior to dispatch. We will not incur any loss financially if client provides an incorrect address & package is misplaced during transit. 


BespokeIND reserves the right to source an alternative donor mid-sole color for client should the availability from our usual supplier be out of stock, or if the midsole colour requested does not exist.  Client reserves the right to source their own donor should they not agree with our terms & the value up to $250AUD will be credited back to client.  BespokeIND reserves the right to alter lead time schedules based on availability & work load. At BespokeIND, we do not rush any of our work.

Price Scaling (1 of 1 builds)

We reserve the right to increase price in increments of $250 based on complexity of build as well as complexity of materials over our base price for our 1 of 1 builds.

Changes after brief has been signed off

We reserve the right to charge additional to cover the hours involved & the cost of material changes.